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New Zealand Entrepreneur Program

New Zealand Entrepreneur program is a great pathway for all those business prospective people who want to set up new businesses. An efficient program helps you in engaging with experts and foster a better relationship among your network. If you are looking for a New Zealand entrepreneur program then here are some of the key necessities which you should take into account beforehand.

Requirements for New Zealand entrepreneur program

Here are some of the key necessities which will make you eligible for this New Zealand program

  • Investment of NZ$ 2 Lacs in the coming three years for businesses in New Zealand & PR
  • One-year work visa and 2-year extension work visa for PR §  Settlement fund required for three-years
  •  ELTS 4 band general or academic §  12 months interim visa for setting up better PR points
  •  Engagement of more people in your business to obtain more PR points
  • A definite business proposal to offer creative and unique products or services
  • Increment of PR points by doing business outside Auckland

You have to prepare a detailed and systematic guideline to be eligible for New Zealand Entrepreneur program. The program is highly suitable for forming a potential business for the well-being of society through efficient entrepreneurship skills. The success rate will be high for Import / Export Business or High Growth (>20%) Business.

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