Latvia Business Investment / Entrepreneur Programs

22+ Lac


5 Yr.






Latvia Business Investment Program

In the Latvia Business Investment program, one can get Temporary residency simply by investing in a trusted company in Latvia & Settle in Europe.

Whereas Latvia’s Entrepreneur program is a great pathway for all those business prospective people who want to set up new business with the lowest investment.

If you are looking for a Latvia program then here are some of the key necessities which you should take into account beforehand.

    • Invest € 50,000 (Rs. 45 Lac) & more in the trusted company to Get Residency Permit*


  • You can start a business with € 20,000 (Rs. 22 Lac) & more. This program is an affordable alternative to investment-related immigration programs.
  • You will be granted the same 5 year Temporary Residence Permit in both the programs, but without investment in most of the cases by strong business plans
  • As such specific Net worth / Assets / Fixed Income / English / Education Not Required So, Most Favorable and Easy to match requirements across all available programs.
  • In Entrepreneur one can Start a business in 1 month and obtain a Temporary Residence Permit in Europe in less than 5 months
  • You will obtain 5 years Latvian (European Union)  Residence Permit for Yourself, your Spouse and all underage Children (Two-Generation may get TR / PR)
  • After 5 years of being a temporary resident you may apply for Permanent Residence Permit (PRP) and even for Citizenship afterward
  • Choose Latvia as a gateway to all European markets. Enjoy free and borderless movement between all Schengen countries
  • Since Latvia is part of the European Union and Schengen area with Latvian Residence Permit your family will be able to freely travel within all Schengen countries
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