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Invest in Business*

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Manitoba Business Program (MPNP-B)

  • The Manitoba Business Program is a business program established in Manitoba which recruits as well as nominates qualified workers from all over the world who have the ability or intention to establish or purchase business in Manitoba. This business program also ensures that those applicants who have applied for this program and establishing their business must contribute to the economy of Manitoba.

    The applicant must invest 1,50,000$ (INR 75 lacs) and more in Business to get family PR. The basic IELTS / Exploratory visit will add more points to the business program. The applicant must invest within two years after reaching Canada. In future the applicant may sponsor his family members for permanent residency. In order to acquire the Manitoba Business Program the applicants must establish a new business in Manitoba, or purchase and expand an existing business in Manitoba.

    Successful Applicants are “nominated” and have their applications for permanent residence expedited under Citizenship and Immigration Canada’s Provincial Nominee class.

    The main purpose of the business is to earn profits from active income from the supply of products/services.

    The business that the applicant is establishing must have the potential to create significant economic benefit.

    The applicant or sponsoring company must own at least one third (33%) of the business to acquire the Manitoba Business Program.

    The applicant demonstrates the intent to provide on-going, day-to-day management and direction of the business.

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