Step 1 – Submit 5 set of Documents at NB International. (Refer to Application & Financial documents Checklist)

Step 2 – Choose University or Colleges as per your criteria Note: Prepare below set of Document to make an application Fill Application form & Courier along with required documents, Pay Application fees by Credit card. Original Bank Balance Certificate worth Rs. 25 to 30 Lac on Bank’s letterhead with Original Affidavit of Support

Step 3 – Make Application in At Least 4 to 5 University Note: Courier documents as listed above to the different university

Step 4 – Wait for I-20 Note: Generally it takes 5 to 8 Working weeks for Issuing I-20

Step 5 – Selection of University for VISA Application Note: Please make sure that you do not have any condition in I – 20 to apply for visa.

Step 6 – Pay SAVIS Fees (US $ 200) for your selected University Note: SAVIS Fees is valid for 1 year for Irrespective time VISA Application. This Fee paid only through credit card. Visit Below link to pay SAVIS Fees

Step 7 – We will start completing your online VISA application (DS-160)

Step 8 – Create Profile USA VFS to take your Interview Date. Note:  Please make sure that you have all financial documents ready.    (Refer to Financial documents check list)

Step 9 – Pay visa fees at Axis Bank / Citi Bank.  Note: It is advisable to pay cash at Axis / Citi Bank, with Reference No & photocopy of passport while going to Axis / City bank.

Step 10 – We will call you to confirm the date of the Appointment of OFC & interview and booked the same. Note: Please make sure that you have all financial documents ready. (Refer to Financial documents check list)

Step 11 – Complete the VISA Interview Training at NB International

Note: Please make sure that you have all financial documents ready

Step 12 – Complete Bio-metric information (Fingerprints and Digital Photographs) at Off-site Facilitation Center                 (OFC) Note: You must schedule your OFC appointment at least one day before the visa interview appointment date at the U.S. Embassy or Consulate.

Step 13 – Reach Consulate before 1 hour of your Appointment time (Refer to Consulate process guidelines) to Complete VISA Interview the U.S. Consulate General in Mumbai

Step 14 – If you get visa, your passport will be delivered at Selected VFS Center. If you don’t get visa, visa officer will hand over passport to you.

Note:  Please don’t ask reasons of rejection to visa officer. Don’t argue with visa

Step 15 – Pay Tuition fees & Fly to USA Note: You can pay university fees in two or three installments.