Steps 1 – Submit Documents at NB International (Refer to Application & Financial documents checklist)

Step 2 – Apply for admission in university or colleges. Note: Prepare application fees and courier hard copy to respective college OR university (If Applicable)

Step 3 – Wait for Conditional / Unconditional Offer letter Note: Generally it takes 2-4 Weeks for Issuing Conditional / Unconditional Offer

Step 4 – Apply for Police Clarence Certificate Note: It is not compulsory to have PCC however it’s advisable. You need at least 15 to 20 Working Days to issue this certificate. Bring your ID Proof, Residence Proof & Admission letter to your nearest police station to issue PCC

Step 5 – Apply for Student GIC (Guaranteed Investment Certificate) OR Bank Loan from designed bank – Note: GIC scheme is compulsory for only SPP. Please refer additional sheet of process for applying student GIC program OR you may opt for an Education loan of Rs. 13 lacks for VISA Purpose. Take Offer letter, SPP Checklist and your father’s financial documents for Bank Loan. 

Step 6 – Pay Tuition fees via T.T Note: You have to pay one semester tuition fees. Student can pay 1 year tuition fees to enhance visa chances. 

Step 7 – Receive Confirmation Letter of Acceptance OR Fees Receipt Note: It will take at least 15 days to receive this letter

Step 8 – We will start completing your VISA application Note: Please make sure that you have all financial documents ready.

Step 9 – Complete medical check-up Note: you must have to undergo medical check-up at designated centre please refer to list of Approved doctors list for more details)

Step 10 – Submit required documents @ VFS

Step 11 – Your passport & other documents will be delivered at your home address, Once VISA decision is made. You cannot check your visa decision (whether granted or rejected) until you check your passport.