Step 1) Submit Documents @ NB International (Refer to Application documents checklist)

Step 2) Apply for admission in University or Colleges Note: Prepare application fees and courier hard copy to respective college OR university (If Applicable) ( Few University do Ask Funding Paper in Advance at the time of Admission Application with 3 month old statements )

Step 3) Prepare Financial Documents (Refer Financial documents checklist)

Step 4) Wait for Conditional /Unconditional Offer letter Note: Generally it takes 2-5 Working Weeks for Issuing Conditional/ Unconditional Offer letter. Please make sure that you do not have any condition for fast process.

Step 5) Accepting Offer letter

Step 6) Pay Tuition fees via T.T to the Institute Note: You have to pay One Semester Tuition Fees / 1 Year Fees if Spouse Accompany*.

Take Photo copies of 1st page & Last page of passport and college offer letter for money transfer & get confirmation of payment receipt from

Step 7) Receive Conformation of Enrollment (COE) from College / University.

Step 8) complete medical @ designated centre (Create HAP ID)

Step 9) Apply for study permit

Step 10) Get VISA & Fly to Australia